Why you should book your Summer Holiday Getaway NOW!

Anyone can be forgiven for viewing winter as the bleakest and blandest time of the year. It’s freezing cold outside, the days are short, it always seems to be dark and it’s no longer acceptable to eat cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Instead, it’s back to work, back to cornflakes and toast for breakfast and back to reality. So how can you brighten up the notoriously dark and dingy winter days? By booking your Summer getaway of course.

By booking a Spring/Summer break at the beginning of the year it’ll give you that pre-holiday buzz that will work wonders in chasing off those February blues. Not only this, but you won’t have to settle. Booking nice and early means you can have your first choice break, whether this is a hotel somewhere exotic overlooking the ocean or in one of our stunning and relaxing countryside cottages – you won’t have to settle for a date you don’t want or for your second favourite accommodation.

You’ll also avoid that mad holiday rush. You know you have to get some new swimming costumes, some suncream, find the playing cards and get everything packed, but there always seems to be a flustered panic to get everything done. By booking your break right now, you’re giving yourself plenty of time to plan, prepare and avoid the rush.

Make your money count. Booking at this time of year often means you can take advantage of some early year sales. Make sure you take a look at our special offers page by clicking here to make the most of our current money saving deals.

Most of all, the idea of getting away whether it’s for a peaceful, relaxing break or a fun-filled getaway with family and friends, gives you something to look forward to. The spring and summertime may seem an age away, but by booking your break right now it brings those sunshine-filled days just a little bit closer.

If you think that you might want to take a break in one of our wonderful countryside cottages this year, then why not check out the locations and the availability that we have.