Top Tips For Hiking

With a stunning countryside setting, Gladwins Farm is the ideal place to stay for a hiking holiday, from a leisurely stroll to a lengthy hike across rural Essex to experience the magnificent scenes of Stour Valley and Constable Country.

If you are planning to go on a hike, it is recommended to make plans beforehand to ensure that you stay safe, healthy, hydrated and know your route well.

Planning your route

Planning your walking route is the first step in getting ready for your hike, that way you’ll know where you’re going and what to expect along the way. Selecting a route beforehand will also allow you to pick a path that you will enjoy, and will match your personal preference for the scenery that you wish to enjoy.

Luckily, you are spoilt for route choice at Gladwins Farm. You could take our woodland walk, or alternatively, the local area is surrounded by walking routes along seafronts, through woodlands and across beautiful countryside, so it really does just come down to the scenery you enjoy the most. Take a map or GPS with you so that you can check your route while you are hiking, this Beginners Guide to Map Reading and Grid References could be useful.

Safety while hiking

No matter how well you know your route, always make sure that you have a method of contacting someone in an emergency. Have at least one fully charged mobile phone within your group, and a number available to ring someone if you are lost or in the unlikely case of an emergency.

Take plenty of water to keep hydrated, this is important as hiking can be thirsty work. Don’t worry though, the chances are that you will stumble across a homely countryside pub for a quick lunch and drink break before you continue your hike.

Equipment and clothing

If you are not an experienced walker, it may be wise to invest in some equipment and/or clothing to allow for extra comfort and tackling all weather conditions. A walking stick can help to protect your body, reducing the impact and pressure as you walk and helping torsional control, particularly if you plan on tackling tougher terrain. Walking boots are also important if you do not own any, make sure you wear them in and that they are comfy to walk in, waterproofs and warm clothing are also a must such as thermal socks, fleeces and jackets.

Check the weather before you walk – allowing you to prepare and dress accordingly for weather conditions.

Stay at Gladwins Farm

Our Suffolk family holiday cottages are perfect for a short break or long weekend to make the most out of the bank holidays. Book up one of our holiday cottages now to make the most of our indoor swimming pool, hot tubs, saunas and array of fun outdoor activities.