Top Ten Board Games To Play At Gladwins Farm This Christmas

Spending your Christmas break in the luxury of one of our exclusive holiday cottages is the perfect way to enjoy some time with those you love, in a cosy, comfortable environment. In fact it’s so lovely inside, we’re sure you won’t want to leave! That’s why we’ve compiled a top ten list of our favourite family board games, so you can relax in peace and comfort with those who are important to you this season.


A firm favourite and absolute classic, Monopoly is the board game that tests your skills as a property-developing entrepreneur! Beat your competitors to snap up the best spots, set up hotels, and skilfully acquire all their hard-earned money. And be sure to stay out of jail!


Do you have your own lucky dice roll? You’ll need one for this game — roll the dice in each of the rounds to try and match the winning combinations. It doesn’t sound wildly eventful, but it’s incredibly addictive and you’ll be trying to swipe somebody’s lucky move in no time! Good for all the family, but perfect for couples or friends to enjoy in the evening.


There’s been a murder! Swap your Christmas hat for a trench coat and magnifying class, because it’s time to find out who’s the culprit. Work your way through Tudor Hall collecting clues, and try to be the first to capture the criminal! A game suited for families with children, who will enjoy this no end.


Work your way around the board by getting your fellow teammates to understand the thing you’re trying to describe — without you saying it! Actions and all other helpful extras are forbidden in this game of inventive descriptions. It’s sure to get pretty loud and very heated, it’s the most competitive game of the lot!


How good are you with a pencil? Put your drawing skills to the test with a game of illustrative description — draw the thing you’re trying to describe, and your team have to guess correctly to gain points! Sure to have the whole family in stitches.

Trivial Pursuit

A fantastic game for the adults — do you think you’re the smartest in the room? Put your knowledge to the test in this difficult quiz for points. You’ll be surprised at how much you know… and how much you don’t!

The Game of Life

Take your future in your hands and sail through with all of the lumps and bumps that life brings. Choose a career, pick a car, and even have yourself a family. Experience life achievements and slip-ups, and try and get to retirement with the most money in the bank. A brilliant, relaxed game for the whole family to enjoy.


Test your creativity with the ultimate in word games! Try and make the longest words using the most unusual letters, and score points depending on your ingenuity. Make sure to have a dictionary at hand for those who think they can sneakily slip in a made-up word or two!


Not strictly a board game, but a family game that will have you laughing for hours! Spin the wheel and find your body in all sorts of strange positions. Wrap yourselves in and out of one another to get to the colour you need, and don’t fall over! The last one with just their hands and feet on the mat is the winner.


Put your steady hand under the spotlight in this game of nerves. Cavity Sam has a few unusual objects in his body that only your surgical expertise can possible remove! But be careful your equipment doesn’t touch the edges, or you’ll be buzzed out! The winner is whoever can remove the most objects from Sam without waking him up.

Make Christmas at Gladwin’s Farm an occasion to remember with games aplenty! But sore losers remember — it’s just for fun!