Top 10 Ways To Enjoy A Hot Tub

If you were wondering how to make the most of your holiday cottage with a hot tub, check out our top ten ideas, picked with total relaxation in mind!

Grab a glass of bubbly – Bubbles plus bubbles equals pure indulgence. Whether you like a good Champagne, or you are partial to a drop of Prosecco, you can’t go far wrong by having a glass of fizz – just the one mind!

Select some sweet tunes – Pop on your favourite playlist, kick back and relax. Or rock out depending on your choice of music.

Wait for the rain – Sitting in an outdoor hot tub while the British weather lets loose a squally shower is actually a fabulous way to enjoy otherwise inclement weather.

Gaze at the stars – The warmth of a hot tub will keep you cosy even on a cold winter’s night, an idyllic way to watch the universe go by.

Pick a good book – If much needed “me time” includes losing yourself in a book, add a touch of luxury and go read in the hot tub!

Start your day the hot tub way – The combination of warm water and invigorating jets will get your circulation flowing, and prepare you for an adventurous day ahead.

Let your mind wander – Whether you need to de-stress or want to make room to let creative thoughts flow, hopping in a hot tub with no distractions is the fastest route to mindfulness.

Use your hot tub time for a gentle workout – Warm water decreases muscle tension and makes it easier to stretch out because everything is more flexible. Hot tub workouts are an excellent way to do gentle exercise!

Share you tub with a special someone – Hanging out in a hot tub with friends, family or just your partner is an excellent way to feel connected, and the release of oxytocin from the bubbles on your skin will add an extra dash of happiness to the occasion.

Wind down after an active day – Soaking in a hot tub after an active day can help ease any strains and pains and prepare you for a great night’s sleep. Perfect if you’ve been cycling, walking or playing sports!