Tips On Travelling With Children On Your UK Holiday

Summer has arrived, so it’s nearly time to take your family holiday. When you’re planning the journey with the little ones, it’s important you tackle the set of challenges you face, making the journey as stress free as possible.

The Journey

Whether it’s by car or train, the very first step is to work out the overall length of the journey. It will help you figure out the number of stops, food breaks and the number of activities needed. A longer journey could be broken into smaller segments where you can plan activities to keep the kids entertained and avoid boredom. Plan your route wisely and break the trip up into a fun outing, off the beaten track, like a visit to a nearby attraction. This variation keeps their minds occupied and gives them something to look forward to once they arrive.

When you break the journey up, you are also able to schedule nap times and food. Some kids sleep soundly on long journeys, so make the most of this opportunity.

Plan car activities such as observational games like ‘I Spy’, spot places of interest – create a set of landmarks or items you think you’ll pass on your route, colouring books and pencils, educate through audiobooks and finally get a long, long list of songs to sing.


When to stop

It’s also important to plan the stops ahead of time as well. Planning the route in advance to take in a solid number of stops really helps give a focal point to the driver and makes the task of driving much simpler. Make an effort to vary the location of stops, as it takes away from the repetitive nature of service stations and motorway driving. Look for different places to eat; cafes, tearooms and farm shops give a new place for the kids to explore as well, and add to the magic of their holiday.


What to take

When you have planned the journey and all the points in between, the final part is to plan what you may need with you: easy to find spare clothes, wet wipes, toilet roll, plenty of drinks, a first aid kit and plenty of snacks.

All in all, the most important part of it all is to just have fun and enjoy the time together with your family. Gladwins Farm offers a fantastic child friendly environment around our holiday cottages. Book your child friendly holiday in Suffolk today.