Things to do at Gladwins Farm when it’s raining

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Britain can be a rainy country

As we’ve seen throughout January and February this year, Britain can be a pretty rainy place to take a holiday. When you have children to entertain, this brings a set of its own challenges.

Here at Gladwins Farm, we understand these challenges firsthand, so we thought we’d share some tips and tricks to help make your stay with us during these wetter months more enjoyable and creative for everyone.


Indoor things to do near Gladwins Farm

Within a short drive are three of our favourite places. All have indoor spaces and plenty of places to eat within or around them.


Colchester Zoo

One of the UK’s leading zoos, Colchester provides a whole host of things to do, including ‘character breakfasts’ where you can meet some of the zoos most popular animal characters workshops including photography, animal feeding sessions, an indoor soft play area with sizable toddler area, not to mention an amazing shop full of goodies too. And if dry weather prevails, there are multiple play areas great for children of all ages.



Firstsite is a major artspace with free entry that also includes a cafe, shop, and cinema. It is well-situated in central Colchester, surrounded by restaurants, cafes and another cinema close by. They even run family-focused events, show family films and provide free children’s activities, mostly outside term times. To find out more about what is on when you’re in the area, check out their calendar on their site.


Colchester Castle

This is an amazing space for the whole family to get lost in the history of one of the oldest towns in Britain. Take advantage of the children’s quiz they have created to peak their interest as they walk through the castle. There are one-of-a-kind Roman vaults and treasures to experience. The great news is that you are fantastically located in the town centre with everything close by, including a fabulous children’s area in Colchester park.


Make a rainy day box

This can be quick and easy to create and you can involve the whole family in getting it ready for your exciting stay at Gladwins Farm. The options are endless, but here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Dressing up clothes
  • Makeup/facepaints
  • Old magazines for collages with some safety scissors and glue sticks
  • Balloons for modelling
  • A new jigsaw


Have a cake making day

All our kitchens are well-equipped and include a quality stove. Bring the ingredients and a baking tray and you’re all set to have a great tea party! 

Here’s one of our favourite recipes to get you into the spirit:


Plan a tea party

Bring some things that will make the tea party a huge afternoon of fun, including a selection of hats (make it a Mad Hatters tea party), favourite toys, teddies, dolls and action figures to join in the fun.


A rainy photography day

A lot of smartphones are now waterproof, but why not buy a waterproof disposable camera and enjoy the fun of analogue picture taking. That way, when you get home there will be something for the children to look forward to as you wait for the pictures to be developed.

You can have a lot of fun in the rain with pictures, and it can bring out a different creative side to the whole family.


Plan a treasure hunt ready for the next sunny day

Treasure hunts are fun, but the planning can be too. What should the map include? What treasure can be hidden? If everyone is involved in the planning, then more fun for everyone involved.


Start a holiday storybook

Bring a blank book with you and start a holiday storybook. A rainy day is the perfect time to update it with your stories of fun.


Our heated indoor swimming pool

Finally, what better way to stay warm and wet than in our heated indoor swimming pool? Our temperature is always a warm 30 degrees which means you can all enjoy the pool together for tonnes of fun and exercise for everyone.

No matter what the weather’s like, our cottages are ideal for cuddling up by the fire, and the area around us is fantastic fun, even if it’s raining! Have a look at our some of our self catering holiday cottages.