Reasons to Bring Your Pooch on Holiday

According to PDSA, there are an estimated 8.9 million pet dogs in the UK. Dogs really are mans best friend and it’s no wonder more and more of us are looking to bring our furry friends away with us. Pet passports allow owners to take their pooches abroad but what about something a little closer to home? Our dog-friendly holiday cottages are a great option, here’s why:

Home from home

Dogs are creatures of habit so they may feel unsettled when away from their familiar surroundings. Our self-catering holiday cottages have everything you need for a comfortable stay but what about your pooch? Bringing their favourite toys, most used blanket and comfiest bed will ensure a happy holiday for all.

Pet-friendly cottages

Our pet-friendly cottages are tailored to your pups needs. From safety features (such as enclosed gardens and internal child gates) to plenty of space to run along Woodland Walk or play amongst the 22 acres of stunning Suffolk countryside.

Local area

Suffolk is home to miles and miles of beautiful public footpaths which take you through local areas of natural beauty. On our doorstep is the rather aptly named ‘Over the Hills’ trail. The 5.6km loop offers stunning views, attractive woodland and rolling countryside. It is a moderate walk that requires boots for you and a towel for the dog in winter.

For a list of pet-friendly pubs to stop off at during your walks, read Cosy Dog-Friendly Pubs Close To Gladwins.

Gladwins Farm is the ideal place to bring your pooch on holiday. Got a burning question or want to find out more about upcoming availability? Contact us.