10 ways to experience the Great Outdoors with Kid-Friendly activities

fun outdoor activities for kids

A love of the outdoors is the best gift that you can give your children. According to ONS, on average, children spend 68 minutes per day engaging in outdoor activity, so why not make the most of it. Getting messy, exploring and relaxing in the beauty of the natural world is the perfect way to get the entire family involved in activities. Below is a list of our 10 favourite outdoor activities for kids, why not give them a go?

Identifying nature

Whether observing bugs, or collecting leaves and flowers, exploring your local natural environment is a great way to understand nature better. Head down to the local library or use the help of Google to identify what you find.

Magnifying glass exploration

Grab a glass and dive into your own garden! A great way of finding new animals and learning about nature, garden adventures foster patience and an exploratory spirit, perfect for that free atmosphere that nature provides. 

Ride a bike/go on a walk

There are so many walking paths perfect for seeing local beauty spots, and if you want a faster-paced activity, try cycling to pair exercise and sightseeing, to get the wind flowing through your hair. Gladwins Farm has a bike shed for the use of our guests, so feel free to pre-plan for your visit!

Climb a tree

A classic activity is suitable for all ages. Foster a fearlessness and adventurous spirit in your kid by exploring from the treetops. As well as developing physical strength, the fun of problem-solving will keep them occupied for hours, and leave them worn out for the afternoon!


Check local guides for the best swimming spots near you. A beach day is a perfect way to make the most of sunny weather, either for a quick, cooling dip, or a long swim; just make sure smaller kids are well supervised, especially anywhere with the tide and are wearing appropriate safety gear.

Visit a playground

Meet other families in these community gathering spaces in order to get your kids moving and interacting with new people. There is plenty to play with and explore while aiding their own development.

Visit a park

Planning a picnic? Maybe you’ll come across a scenic park on your walk or bike ride. If not, have a look locally for a great spot to have a break whilst the kids run about. Wide-open spaces inspire the best creative games. 

I Spy

A great way to spice up a walk, or picnic, or long, boring drive, I Spy is a classic game that’ll get your children searching for an obscure element of their surroundings. It’s the perfect game for little ones who notice everything, and allows their inquisitive spirit to develop!


A ball can turn an open space into a pitch filled with roaring fans. Try a catching game or lace up your trainers for an energetic game of football. This is bound to inspire some laughs and great memories recalled for years to come. 

Stargazing or Cloud Watching

Perfect for any time of day, looking at the sky to find any sort of shape in the cloud, or constellation by night is a great bonding activity that encourages your kids to dream. 

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