Mersea Island – The Hidden Pearl

Just a thirty minute, scenic drive from Gladwins Farm, Mersea Island is the perfect day out for a family holiday. Its name translated from Old English means “Island of the Pool” and it is fair to say this is an accurate description. A secluded, picturesque island that spans only around 8 square miles, the striking scenery and quirky nature of Mersea Islands make it a genuine gem of Essex.

Most tourists decide to head straight to West Mersea, but don’t let the seclusion of Mersea fool you, there is certainly no shortage of fun activities for all the family. With a deep running history of fishing and sailing, the local Lady Grace Boat Trips are certainly the perfect way to see the island, guided by a warm and friendly captain with a rich knowledge of Mersea to give you an insight into the history of the island.

Mersea Islands provides a crabbing experience like no other sea-front, with plenty of local shops selling all the required equipment, the West Mersea causeway has the perfect spots mapped out for the whole family to have hours of traditional crabbing fun. If you fancy a stroll, The Cudmore Grove Country Park provides an excellent opportunity to let some steam off while taking in the surrounding tranquil scenes. With an abundance of open spaces, it is a great chance to let your dog off the lead and take a relaxing walk with the family.

If you haven’t heard already, Mersea is acclaimed for its fantastic fresh seafood, from mussels and prawns to the world famous Colchester Native Oysters. There are a variety of restaurants and cafes to gobble up the local produce, one of which, The West Mersea Oyster Bar is a great spot overlooking the creeks of Mersea Island. We would certainly recommend trying the Colchester Rock Oysters and Native Oysters, bred in the West Mersea creeks before preparation right there and then at the Oyster Bar.

There’s always time for a quick visit to the Mersea Island Vineyard. It is worth stopping off to sample some of the fantastic local beers and wines, native to Mersea.

To finish it all off after a day of fun, what better way to kick back in one of our bespoke Suffolk holiday cottages, unwinding in your private hot tub with a glass of newly acquired local Mersea vino.