Local guide to enjoying an Autumn staycation in Suffolk

The nature around Gladwins Farm is at its best in autumn. With several seasonal events around Halloween, Harvest and Bonfire night, it’s the perfect time to get outside and explore. You can meet all of our resident animals on the farm, or just relax in your cottage– maybe you’ll visit a local farm shop and cook a delicious meal for the family. We couldn’t possibly cover everything there is to do in our local area, but this guide makes a good start! 


To Visit

Rambling in the countryside is a lovely way to experience the local area and get your daily activity in. There are so many cycling and walking paths around Gladwins, you’ll be spoilt for choice, whether you are an avid walker or a newcomer. You could find a local guide to the berries which are in season and do some foraging. There are many provided on the Suffolk council website. 

Thetford Forest hosts a nature play area, for kids to explore and engage with nature. Activity trails, a helter skelter slide and den-building areas are sure to keep everyone busy. You’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of England’s largest man-made lowland forest.  Lynford Arboretum is a great location within the forest to visit in autumn, when much of the natural fungi and bird life blossoms. 

There’s plenty of Halloween fun to be had in Suffolk. For younger families, the Spooky Trail at Landguard Fort and Hollow Trees farm are two great destinations. Bringing together the whole family, why not make a day of the celebrations and go pumpkin picking at Undley Farm or Foxes’ Farm. If you have kids 15 or older, Scaresville at Kentwell Hall hosts a haunted village every autumn. It’s listed as one of Britain’s top scare attractions, so if you aren’t squeamish, claustrophobic or faint-hearted, get into the spirit of the holiday! You could even enjoy some scary films once you get back to Gladwins, as every cottage is equipped with DVD players. 


To Eat

There are several food festivals in the local area which are worth visiting. The Great Framlingham Sausage festival is a fun and tasty day out. Sample interesting flavours, or handcrafted classics, try out free workshops and activities, or visit for a browse. 

The Newmarket Food and Drink festival usually takes place in mid-September, it showcases the best of local produce and celebrity chef demonstrations. It’s the perfect place to pick up some unique, high-quality ingredients to step up your home cooking. 

The Aldeburgh food festival brings together more than 100 local producers, including Adnams and Tiptree, into a vibrant event. With tickets free for under 15’s, and lots of tasty snacks to try, you’ll come back to your cottage with armfuls of local produce. 

No matter who’s coming to visit us at Gladwins, there is lots to do to fill up your time. Our holiday cottages are the perfect place to return to at the end of the day to relax and recharge for the next busy day!