3 reasons why you should include farm animals and pets on your next holiday

At Gladwins Farm, we believe in a combination of nature, animals and wildlife to provide a comforting experience for guests. Our resident animals and the pets we welcome to Gladwins have truly transformed the holidays we offer our guests. So, whether you are looking for an overnight stay or week-long break, here are three reasons why your next trip should include farm animals and your pets: 


1. Reconnecting with nature 

We don’t know about you, but reconnecting with nature has really helped us get through the last year. It’s been lovely rediscovering local footpaths and finding new adventures by planning trips around outdoor activities. 

Our furry friends on the farm have over 22 acres of land to roam freely which you can explore while taking in the beautiful scenery. Our holiday cottages at Gladwins Farm not only offer you a chance to take a break but also give you a chance to get some much-needed country air.


2. A playground for the whole family

From counting sheep to feeding the goats, farms are so much fun for everyone in the family. To us, farms are an educational experience that involves a lot of giggles. If you’re looking for a holiday that the whole family can enjoy then keep an eye out for holidays with farm animals. 

From pigs to Pygmy goats, at Gladwins Farm, there is always someone willing to be petted. With the wide space around the farm, it’s likely you may also spot wildlife near our fishing lakes which includes ducks, moorhens, herons, carp, rudd and the elusive Percy the Pike. 


3. No one is left behind

Most pet owners are unsure what to do with their pets when they go on holiday. You may consider hiring a professional pet sitter or asking a neighbour, but what about bringing them along?

We believe a holiday should involve the whole family, pets included. No one wants to be left behind which is why we offer pet-friendly cottages at Gladwins Farm. We aim to make sure your pets enjoy their stay as much as you do.

If you’re looking for a pet-friendly farm stay in the UK with luxury holiday cottages and other furry animals, then look no further. 

We provide beautiful holiday cottages in the Suffolk countryside perfect for reconnecting with nature and having fun with the whole family (pets too). We also offer a range of exciting on-site activities.


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