How To Plan An Eco Retreat

Finding accommodation that is keen to keep carbon emissions to a minimum is only half the battle of having a carbon neutral holiday. Here are some of the things you might want to consider next time you decide to take a holiday at home or abroad.

Choose cleaner greener transport

How you get from A to B can have a big impact on the carbon footprint of your holiday. If you are on a staycation, consider hiring a car that LPG, biofuel or a battery. If you are heading for far flung climes, this could be an option for getting to the airport too. Alternatively public transport to your destination or to the airport is a far better way of ensuring your journey is as green as can be.

Choosing environmentally responsible accommodation

What constitutes an environmentally aware retreat? Well, this can be anything from a place that has solar panels to somewhere that offers long drop toilets and solar powered showers. Eco friendly facilities and standards vary from country to country and between establishments – you may find accommodation that is totally off grid, but ships all it’s food in from the other side of the world. What you are looking for if you are being a fervent eco consumer is somewhere that has a green ethos, mixing locally sourced products with eco friendly cleaning products as well as utilising more sustainable ways of supplying power and taking part in responsible water management.

Be mindful of your impact while on holiday

So, you did a car share in an LPG vehicle and ended up at a campsite with a farm shop, long drop loos and water heated by a wind turbine – full marks for sustainability there! What you don’t want to do now is blow a load of carbon points on fossil fuel heavy activities such as amusement parks. Choose activities that have a real impact on local trade and sustainability, and visit places that support local arts, crafts and culture – all of which inherently have a low carbon footprint.

Offsetting your carbon usage

If you can’t avoid the long hall flight, or you have decided that it is time for an indulgent once on a lifetime holiday, don’t fear – you can offset your carbon consumption in a couple of ways.


The general consensus however is that offsetting doesn’t actually solve the problem as the carbon has still been released into the atmosphere – but at least you have done your bit to have as little impact as possible, and where you have had to use your carbon allowance, at least you are using the opportunity to help fund a better future.

To find out how much your carbon costs, check out this nifty carbon calculator!

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