Gladwins Support ‘Stand Tall For Giraffes’

On the 19th September, to celebrate the 50th birthday of Colchester Zoo, the Stand Tall for Giraffes charity auction was held at First Site, with Gladwins Farm in attendance. All the 2.5 metre giraffes were auctioned to raise funds for conservation through Colchester Zoo’s charity ‘Action for the Wild’. Gladwins Farm was very pleased to come away with ‘Precious’; here is a little more information on the giraffe itself:

The Design

The giraffe’s normal patterns were a heavy influence in the design and sculpture of this particular giraffe. ‘Precious’ is painted in a way that makes it look like it’s made of gold, and has been set with cut stones of jet and amethyst, as well as painted diamond effects. This was to create a beautiful and eye-catching design, which really expresses the beauty of giraffes.

About the Artist

Richard Allen has worked as a freelance artist and illustrator for nearly 30 years producing illustrations for numerous books, newspapers and magazines, as well as designs for stamps and supermarket packaging. Wildlife has been a strong theme in his work, and many hours have been spent in the field sketching birds on the Essex Coast. This has resulted in being named ‘Bird Illustrator of the Year’ in 1993 and having work exhibited at the Society of Wildlife Artist annual show.

Reason For Buying Her

Gladwins Farm works closely in supporting the zoo and most guests at Gladwins make at least one visit to the zoo throughout their stay. Also we sadly lost Susie’s mum Pauline suddenly to cancer in July 2013. She loved seeing the giraffes so it is in memory of her also.

Precious has now been placed in her new home at Gladwins and can be found in the courtyard, next to our visitor’s shop, so make sure you pay ‘Precious’ a visit next time you stay with us.