Environmental Awareness Award Win

At the recent Colchester Business Awards hosted by Newsquest, we were delighted to be awarded the Environmental Awareness Award in recognition of our on-going commitment to sustainable and environmental tourism.

Reducing our carbon footprint is central to our environmental policy, where we’ve looked at every aspect of our business and identified ways we can lessen our impact. With the recent introduction of our Biomass Boiler in addition to our Solar Panels we are now able to heat not only our 9 bespoke cottages but our indoor swimming pool too. We also use locally sourced food and services wherever possible which means we’ve extended our green principles to the wider community, benefitting the local economy as well as the environment.  We provide on-site recycling for waste materials and facilities for the composting of organic kitchen waste through a local service partner and encourage our visitors to use products and services in an environmentally sensitive way.

In addition to our Green Tourism ‘Gold’ award, winning the Environmental Awareness Award confirms our commitment to continuously seek to improve our environmental and social performance.