Corporate Holidays at Gladwins Farm

corporate holidays

Invigorate your team with a Corporate Holiday at Gladwins Farm. One of the biggest challenges of the Covid-19 lockdown period for businesses is the impact of remote working on team culture. The connections forged by in-person meetings and retreats, especially for new joiners, have changed due to this extended disengagement. Take the first step on the journey to reintegration and find out more about our corporate holidays here at Gladwins Farm.

Engage your group

Far from the mandatory, stuffy HR events, a corporate holiday is a great way to truly bring your team together. Without the drinking pre-requisite of a happy hour or formality of an ‘event’, your team will have a real opportunity to mix as individuals, which, in turn, will allow them to bring this energy to the workplace.

A break for mind and body

Whether it’s structured team building activities, or a catch-up and reconnect, Gladwins Farm is an ideal place to visit as a team—whilst also rewarding them for their persistence during this difficult time. Situated in 22 acres of stunning Suffolk Countryside, there is plenty to do in the local countryside and ample space in the Farmhouse Cottage for structured activity.

Furthermore, the health benefits of a break are extensive. After an extended reliance on desks and technology, regroup and support your employees’ wellbeing.

Invest in connectivity

Often, team building is overlooked as an important part of the working experience. But to truly reap the benefits your team can provide, it is essential to work on communication, especially after an extended period of upheaval, and unpredictable future prospects. Creating ways for your employees to interact in meaningful ways will inject positive energy into your team which will translate to the office.

Value your team with quality

Gladwins Farm offers several bespoke cottages on the same property, equipped with all the amenities you might need on a holiday (as well as a few indulgences) with room to socially distance. Show your team gratitude for the work they have put in by rewarding them with an experience that they won’t forget. Explore our site to learn more about what we can do for your team, today.