Autumn Activities — Top 5 things to do in Autumn with Kids

Autumn Activities

Keeping the whole family entertained during the summer wasn’t that hard… right? Well, autumn is quickly approaching, and we want to help you plan ahead with a list of our favourite autumn activities for the whole family. 

Leaf Picking

The beginning of Autumn only means one thing…falling leaves! Why not get outside with the whole family and see how many different types of leaves you can find this year? Leaf picking is a great way to get outside, stay active and educate your children about the differences between seasons. 

Fun fact: trees shed their leaves in the colder months to survive. Without doing so, the water in the cell of the trees would freeze and rupture the trees. 

Conker Competitions 

Don’t you remember how much fun you had with conkers growing up? Why not get the whole family involved in a conker competition this autumn! All you need is a selection of conkers, some string and your family members to play against.

Putting the string through the conkers can be an entertaining activity in itself. Next, compete with your family to see who can split their opponent’s conker first. Once you have a winner, you can even consider burying all the conkers in the hope that they will become a sapling one day. 

Fun fact: the first-ever game of conkers took place in 1848.

Pumpkin picking

Halloween is approaching too, and it will soon be time for things to start getting spooky. Let’s make the most of pumpkin season before having to get the kids ready to go trick-or-treating. With hundreds of pumpkins to choose from, pumpkin picking really can bring joy to the whole family. Choose a pumpkin for each family member and see who can be the most creative with their carvings.

Fun fact: the first use of the whole “pumpkin” was in the book Cinderella in the 17th century. 

Scavenger hunts 

Prepare a list of outside items ranging from a rock to an acorn and get the whole family outside for a scavenger hunt. Not only will this activity provide lots of family fun and learning opportunities, but it will also help the children satisfy their natural urge to explore. 

Perhaps take a visit to the area you plan on carrying this out beforehand to find items to add to your list. 

Fun fact: scavenger hunts are believed to have begun in the 1930s in New York. 

Autumn Activities at Gladwins Farm

|At Gladwins Farm, where we have a range of children-friendly activities to do. At Gladwins Farm, the whole family can:

  • Stay active with our indoor and outdoor play area and tennis court.
  • Use our woodland walk to explore the woods for leaf picking, conker competitions and scavenger hunts.
  • Visit our farm animals, and as we have dog-friendly cottages, you can even bring your dog to join in the fun! 
  • Take a splash in our indoor swimming pool which is heated to 30 degrees for the colder days.

We are a paradise for children with toys and games, a wendy house, climbing frames, trikes, and more! View our live availability for bookings this autumn

If you have any more fun-packed autumn activities that we missed, be sure to let us know on social media and join in on the conversation.