5 Summer family activities for your East Anglia staycation

East Anglia staycation

Whilst an East Anglia staycation has much to offer in terms of natural beauty and long, peaceful walks, sometimes this isn’t quite enough to keep energetic kids engaged! It can be hard to find something for the whole family on short notice, so we’ve compiled a list of activities you can look into ahead of your stay, including;

  • Local beaches
  • Zoos and animals
  • Archery
  • Indoor fun
  • Water-based activities 



East Anglia is blessed with miles of stunning coastline, with notably beautiful beaches including Hunstanton Beach, Cromer Beach and Horsey Beach. With new and exciting wildlife to see (safely!) and a sea to cool off in, a day at the beach is the perfect way to spend a summer afternoon. Why not bring along a few outdoor games, or even just a ball to kick around, and a picnic to refresh after all that running around. If you’re planning a day at the beach why not take a look at our top suffolk beaches


Zoos and Animals

There are many different Zoos and animal-based activities to try out in East Anglia. Africa Alive! allows you to meet Giraffes, Rhinos and Lions with the ample viewing points across the enclosures. You could also visit Jimmy’s Farm and Wildlife park, where you can meet magnificent animals and pick up high quality local produce. Amazona Zoo, although smaller, has many enthusiastic staff waiting to tell you about the animals in their care. 

Gladwins Farm also has several animals on site, as the cottages are set within a farm. Meeting new animals is an engaging way to get outdoors, and fun for all the family. 



If you want to try out a new skill that’ll challenge everyone in the family, whilst still having fun, why not visit Grey Goose Archery. With practice sessions and themed shoots, depending on ages, it’s suitable for all ages. They also offer Axe-throwing, if you want to connect with the Viking heritage of East Anglia. 


Water-Based Activity 

With rivers and coastlines, East Anglia has a plethora of water activities, from more relaxed boat rides to watersports. There are several boat tours which are wildlife focussed, depending on what it is you want to see. The Pub and Paddle tour, where you’ll be taught to row their wooden canoes on the river, to a riverside lined with stunning pubs, is a great way to see Norwich. However, if you already plan on a trip to Cromer Beach, why not get out on the water in style with Glide Surf School. Offering both hire, for the seasoned surfer, and lessons for newcomers, this family-run business will be sure to have you on your feet in no time!


Indoor Fun

Although we’d all hope the weather would be sunny and warm for our staycations, sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. To avoid wandering around shops, or sitting in your accommodation watching movies, try these out. 

Stonham Barns Crazy Golf offers indoor and outdoor courses, which are sure to foster a little friendly competition. Anglia Indoor Kart Racing could be the perfect thing for petrolheads and speed-lovers, with ‘Arrive’n’drive’ sessions which will talk you through the basics. Superbowl UK in Ipswich offers a family-friendly environment that goes beyond bowling, housing a SEGA Arcade, a jungle-themed Crazy Club and a Ninja assault course, complete with lasers, for older kids. 


Did any of these activities get you excited for an upcoming trip? Or did they convince you to choose East Anglia for your next family staycation? Either way, Gladwins Farm is eager to welcome you to our family-friendly holiday cottages. You can find our availability on our website, we look forward to seeing you this summer!