5 Reasons Why You Need a Suffolk Staycation

Suffolk staycation

Some of our favourite things about Suffolk  are its stunning natural beauty, coastlines, forests and how rich in history it is. We think that the best time to enjoy all of these things is Summer, when nature is at its most vibrant. With COVID-19 restrictions lifting just in time for the Summer season, and international travel still a risk, here are 5 reasons we think you should take a Suffolk staycation. 


Booking security- restrictions on intl. Travel

Government guidance on travel outside of the UK is not guaranteed with a fixed date, but restrictions on UK staycations within households were lifted on the 12th of April, and we expect that household mixing will be permitted around the middle of June. 

Then, to be sure that you can take your well-earned and much-awaited vacation, why not choose a UK destination? A cottage holiday in the countryside offers all the peace and tranquillity you need to switch off and relax. 


Taking a break from your local area

Throughout lockdown, many of us Brits took the opportunity to enjoy nature more, exercising outside and exploring local beauty spots. After three lockdowns, this will have lost some of its original beauty – instead of refreshing exploration, it’s become routine. 

We think the best way to indulge your love of nature is to take a staycation somewhere else in the UK. Gladwins Farm is well known for its location, nestled within nature with several walking trails easily accessible. Exploring a new environment is a great way to spend a break and there’s no better time than Summer. 

Have a look at the local area around Gladwins Farm.


Activity and healthy eating

Aside from walking trails, East Anglia is very bike-friendly, and there are plenty of opportunities to try new activities such as horse riding and even surfing (Suffolk features approximately 50 miles of coastline!). 

What’s more, its green landscapes do more than provide a relaxing environment, the acres of farmland produce world-class organic foodstuffs. Visit our shop to sample the most local produce, visit a farmer’s market to plan a meal to cook in our self-catered accommodation or sample local food: at Frinton-on-Sea or Aldeburgh fish and chips are a must! 


Something for everyone

If you like to eat good food, get out into nature or spend time exploring, a Suffolk staycation is perfect for you. But there is more on offer, with cities and towns such as Cambridge, Bury St Edmunds, Southwold and Colchester being some highlights in the area. Providing a vibrant nightlife and a host of historical locations and museums, a day trip to one of these locations would be hard-pressed to fit everything in! 


Enjoy some of the warmest weather in the UK

Long summer days are some of our favourites in Suffolk. With temperatures averaging between 18-22 degrees between June and August, you may even catch a tan. East Anglia’s average rainfall is also low as it isn’t affected by Atlantic Ocean weather systems which usually cause drizzly days in the West. 


Book Your Next Suffolk Staycation Today! 

Good weather is the best way to get that holiday feeling, between beaches, fun-packed days and sunny skies, East Anglia is the perfect choice for a UK staycation this Summer. If you’d like to stay with us at Gladwins Farm, you can find out dates on our ‘check availability page.  


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