How many animals can you spot?

Discover the magic of the woods, with our spell-binding Woodland Walk. Youngsters (and not-so-youngsters) can keep an eye out for the special woodland animal signs and try to see some of the fantastic creatures that live in the wood. Will you find a sneaky fox on the lookout for a tasty morsel? Will you spy a woodpecker tapping at a tree in search of a tasty treat?

There are also cheeky squirrels, and more elusive creatures such as owls and badgers. You might not be able to see every beast or bird, but can you find all the signs? There’s also a sign showing you how to build your own den – with plenty of wood nearby to have a go yourself! 

You can also make rubbings of all the signs on the Woodland Walk as you go, and complete lots of other fun activities.

Percy the Pike and the fishing lake

And there’s even more life nearby. The fishing lake is home to ducks, moorhens, herons, carp, rudd and the elusive ‘Percy the Pike’ – who is hardly ever seen. But if you are patient and quiet, you might just get a glimpse of this huge and mysterious fish!

Animals galore

If all these running, flying and swimming creatures aren’t enough, you’ll also get to say hello to the many farm animals on Gladwins. As well as meeting horses and sheep, you can feed the pigs and cute pigmy goats, and help collect the hens’ eggs! Unforgettable fun for toddlers, older children – and even grown-ups!

Make sure you don’t leave Gladwins without venturing along our Woodland Walk – sure to fire the imagination of all our visitors, no matter what their age.

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